BIANCHI is the oldest bicycle brand in the world.  That being said, with over 130 years of creating some of the world's most beautiful bicycles, they offer both classic city models and kick-ass road bicycles that are bound to be your favorite ride you'll ever have. 

What models do we usually carry?
Cortina/Cortina Dama $429.99 (24 speed hybrid) - Milano Dama $529.99 (8 speed city hybrid) - Iseo Dama $569.99 (21 speed hybrid), Pista $769.99(Track fixed/single speed) - Semplice $699 (**Two Speed Automatic Shifter!! - limited stock) - Strada $749.99 (Touring) - Impulso Tiagra $1249.99 (20 speed), Impulso Dama Tiagra $1249.99 (20 speed)

All models of Bianchi are available for pre-purchase at our store - if you see something on Bianchi's website that you'd be interested in, contact us for more info!